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Friday, February 14, 2014

Ms. Walker's First Grade Class Creates Wordles for Historical Figures

Mrs. Walker's first grade class has been studying historical figures that shaped our country and community.
After reading about historical figures, students worked in groups using their notes, they listed important words to describe the character of the historical figure: day they were born,died and maybe a quote or important fact.
After each student created their Wordle, they drew an important event in their historical figures life. They wrote what the picture was about, the name of the historical figure, and included an actual picture of the figure on the Wordle to show what he or she looked like.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alternative Energy Project

Mrs. Delahoussaye's 5th graders worked on an Alternative Energy Source Challenge. The challenge included several activities to complete including crossword puzzles, collages, posters, PowerPoint or Google Presentations.  Students were encouraged to investigate conservation efforts in our community.

Students here are collaborating using Google Presentations.

5th Grade Science Classes Using Edheads.org

Fifth grade students are using Edheads.org as a interactive way to learn about Science, Math and Engineering in a safe environment. Activities include Designing a Cell Phone (as pictured here), Crash Scene Investigation, Virtual Knee Replacement Surgery.  The outcome of the activities are not predetermined. They determined by how the student interacts with the activity and can result in a different outcome each time.