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Welcome to our Double File Trail Elementary Technology Blog. Here you will find fantastic examples of how our elementary classrooms are integrating technology into our everyday lives and lessons. Come back to see what we are doing!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Students using Activotes

Students were able to provide the teacher using ActiVotes, some data about what they know about energy before beginning their study in class.

Students working with Edmodo

Students have been enjoying working with Edmodo to complete assignments and projects. Edmodo provides teachers and students a secure place to connect and collaborate, share content and educational applications, and access homework, grades, class discussions and notifications. Here you see students creating a calendar to help pace themselves through an independent study.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Technology as a reading tool

In the Resource classrooms there are some great individualized programs that students can use and set their own pace. Students are motivated by the interactivity of the programs and teachers are able to monitor progress. Students in Ms. Juarez's class have access to books that will read to them to help them with sight words and new vocabulary.  

Kindergarten learning about recycling

Mrs. Hewitt's class is learning about the importance of reycling and ways to help at school through ThinkQuest, a website created by students around the world who have participated in a ThinkQuest Competition.