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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Science Projects using Technology

Double File Trail Elementary is full of Scientists! Jan. 26th we held our school wide science fair and you won’t believe the technology that went into so many projects! Students used graphs to calculate data, digital images to show experiments and graphics for titles and accents. Many students used word processing to type out their problem, hypothesis, purpose, procedures, background, conclusions and captions. Kinder, PreKinder, First Grade and Second grade all did class science projects as well. Enjoy a sampling of our projects.

DFT Science Fair Projects

PreK, K, G1, G2 Classroom Science Fair Projects

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seasons Graphic Organizer

One at a time, each first grader in Mrs. Grimes's class would use the class computer and the Kidspiration template- Seasons to make their own graphic organizer. Students chose pictures to drag over to season boxes. Students would also choose and drag a text box to the season box and type words about the season. This was a great way to mesh Science TEKS and Technology TEKS. When the student finished, they each navigated to their individual student folder on the server to save their work!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Wish List

This lesson was taken from our Technology Integrated lessons on the RRISD ARRC. It is a great way to incorporate Technolgy and Language Arts. Mrs. Grimes had her first grade students each:

• Start with opening up a Microsoft word document.
• They titled their work and then used the bullets for their list
• They typed words or phrases for their list of things they wished for.
• They chose clip art to match their project.
• Students explored using font by choosing font type, size and color.
• They saved their document in their student file.
• We printed their documents to take home to assist families in seeing students ideas for gifts.

(A nice extension would be a writing piece- "A gift I would like to give....")